Sunday, April 27, 2008

Decoration plans

You asked me to talk about my plans so here goes:

I like things to match. In fact I almost have a fettish about things matching and whilst I have come to accept that, given that no producer of anything maintains a line for more than 2 seconds, that is not always possible. But sometimes it is possible. And if it is possible then so it must be.
So, after yesterday's shenannigans, that's one new door and eight handles - one for each internal door in the house because I cannot match the old ones. The handles have to be brass because the bathroom fittings are brass. I would willingly change the fittings to match the door handle but even I know that is bad. So, I went yesterday to B&Q and chose a handle and bought a door. Today we went back to change the door because I bought the wrong size and to change the handle because Dennis ( rightly ) talked me into getting ones a third of the price. (Bah!)

Tomorrow we are going back to buy another door because we got the smooth finish when in fact we should have got the woodgrain finish ( which is what I said but we won't go there in public...!)
This tired hall is to become light and contemporary and neutral. It will become a little gallery for quilts. (More in the next post on how to hang them).

We have picked this carpet but are still debating all the paint chips on it. Sorry the neutrals don't photograph well. (I have decided to go for painted lining paper rather than wallpaper because I didn't like any of the paper I looked at.)

And while we were pickng the hall carpet thought we might as well do the bathroom which has these tiles in and so requires these paint chips to consider.

And of course a lightshade is needed. I really, really wanted this one but we can't because it doesn't fit on the ceiling rose which I want to keep. So we got this one instead.
And of course I am now contemplating buyng this book!


English Rose said...

and all because you needed a new door handle - brilliant. I look forward to seeing it all done.

Anonymous said...

I don't know about the door knobs and such however I do know Ellen H. Silver and she's a talented quilter and does well explaining the floor cloths! There's one on the floor of the quilt shop that she work in that has been there since the shop opened three years ago. Still looks beautiful!