Thursday, August 30, 2007

Design wall

With all my travels I forgot to show you the design wall that was the final part of my dining room-to-studio- project. It was another collaboration with Dad - I specified, he re-designed, he built, he drove it down on his trailer on a special trip after we discovered it was too big for either of our cars (and we don't drive Fiat Puntos!) and I paid for it!

This is the back view of it in his garage. I will photo it in situ soon.

It is foam board in a pine frame, made in two panels each 6 feet by 2.5 feet. The panels bolt togther to give a larger work space but unbolt for easier carrying out to the garage where it will live in storage when not in use. ( In theory - so far it hasn't left the house!) It is covered with needlepunch wadding stapled to the frame.
It has a tiny little red spot on it which I assumed was a bug that met its end in a kamikazi dive into the board. Turned out Dad got a bit close to the staple gun.....

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