Friday, August 03, 2007

Fabric mystery solved

Regular readers will remenre the Jinny Beyer fabric saga - the fabric I bought that said English Garden on the selvedge but was actually the Pataognia collection. I have just got this email from the people at the Jinny Beyer shop who have been making enquiries on my behalf:

Dear Helen:
We've found an answer to why the selvage name of the fabric does not reflect all later named collections of the fabric. The selvage on fabrics usually reflects the first name given it by the fabric-making company and is on the printing roll. The expense to re-tool the printing roll for additional colorways, even if in a collection later named by the company is cost prohibitive.We're glad your quilt turned out lovely and was appreciated by the recipients.

Be warned!!

There will now be another blog break as we head to Paris tomorrow for five days. I have the patchwork shop by Notre Dame on the agenda!


Jennifer said...

Have a wonderful, wonderful trip! Oh, I so love Paris (but then, who doesn't?). I've been thinking of you and working on my real letter to you, but thought I'd better tell you that here since you'd otherwise have no way of knowing.... Take care!

Helen said...

Well, we learn something new every day! Thanks for the info.

Jennifer said...

Oh, and a surprise for you when you get home: I'm nominating you for a Nice Matters Blogger Award; if you're interested, feel free to pick up the image from my site and pass it along to five others!