Saturday, August 11, 2007

Paris - part 1

You know you have OQD (Obsessive Quilting Disorder) when you go to Paris and:

1. The first photo you take is of the ceiling in Manchester Airport terminal 2 because it looks like it could inspire an interesting foundation pieced design.

2. You go and look at the quilt shop near Notre Dame on a day when you know it is not open just to make sure it really is there and your addiction will be fulfilled if you just wait until Tuesday.

3. Even when it is still open you hang about the area for another hour and a half ( well how hard is that when the place is full of patisseries?) because the shop opposite that specialises in Native American books and magazines doesn't open until 2pm but has molas in the window. (And inside as it turns out but I decided I'd rather make one than buy one.)

4. You look at the famous window in Notre Dame cathedral and think: Well that's just a very fancy Dresden plate.

5. You sit in the one cafe at the foot of Sacre Cour that has direct views up to the building and take photos not of the iconic church but of the (closed) arts centre off to the right becuase these banners remind you of the molas you now want to make.

6. You scour all the kiosks by every metro station for a French patchwork magazine (partly because your husband made a jesting, throwaway comment along the lines of, 'I bet they don't have quilting magazines in French' and you wanted to prove him wrong and partly because you haven't seen an English one for four days and you really, really want to see some quilty pictures). Only, when you finally find one you have to put it back because it is a translation of a German magazine you already have.
7. Your husband takes you out for a beautiful Sunday lunch at a swish Montparnasse restaurant and you take photos of the floor.
Tune in tomorrow for Part 2!


Andrea said...

I think you've got it bad - lol !

Susan D said...

You really have got it bad - do you think there is a cure!!!

Margeeth said...


Yes you've got it bad, but whom am I to say that, I think I have it just as bad as you have it. Last spring we went to Brussels. In the museum of modern art I only made a picture of the ceiling (nice inspiration for a quilt). And when we went to the flea-market I looked in every box for a featherweight (and found one).

Jenni @ Fairybread said...

Sounds perfectly normal to me. I mean what else would there be to look at?

Danka K said...

the best Europa's patchwork and quilting magazine I have found seven years ago in France is "Quiltmania"!
There is also an english edition of Quiltmania you can subscribe at

You "have forgotten" to visit french bookstore with plenty of books about boutis - genuine French quilts with genuine French prints.

You have a lot to fetch later...
With the Best Wishes
Danka K from Germany