Thursday, May 10, 2007

Thinking persons blog

It transpires that I have in fact been tagged before. Purple Missus put me on her site as one of Five Bloggers who Make you think. Only she didn't tel lme and I got caught out not reading hers! In my defence because I travel so much I do tend to have blogfests when I curl up and read all the back issues as it were. (Am I forgiven?!)

I was particularly pleased when she said
"It reminds me very much of the penultimate page in a lot of magazines where someone writes a column each issue with their view on life in general" because thats exactly what I was aiming for with the blog.
But talk about pressure - what can I get you to think about today?

Well, how about words since I am a writer.

Yesterday I went to Craftsand Quilts in Southport and had the usual conversation about how I didn't need anythng, how I'd just popped in for a cup of tea while I was in the region and how I really didn't need anything but could she just cut me a FQ from all those nine bolts on the counter. Driving away, I was pondering how we all talk about being addicted to fabric.

I had a whole blog mapped out about how we do ourselves a diservice calling it an addiction. I was going to write about how we ought to allow ourselves to declare that beauty and creativity are a necessary part of life and not somthing to be ashamed about. I was going to write that we should not equate fabric buying with the consumption of illegal and socially unacceptable substances.

But then I went on line to get a definition of addiction and found these:

'Compulsive physiological and psychological need for a habit-forming substance'
'an intense desire for some particular thing'
'given over to'

So now my thesis ought to be that we should rehabilitate the word and disassociate it from concepts of ill health and theft.

Or I could stick with my original proposal which was that we all start to declare that 'fabric is our passion' or that 'I am fulfilled by textile arts'.

Either way one thing I am sure of (to steal from Oprah's magazine back column) - as long as you are not getting into debt and are not harming yousrelf or your family - buying fabric is not a bad and shameful thing.

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Jennifer said...

Fabulously done as always! You've reminded me of a journal page I did last year -- I'll have to post it (tomorrow?) in celebration and support of a new understanding of the 'a' word.