Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Taxes, answers and meme


Today I got a nice but stupid letter. For filing my employer's tax return on line I get £150 tax free. Which is very nice since I didn't file it at all - the accountant did - and very handy since I am off to Quilts UK next week

However, they wrote to me to tell me that I was entitled to it and that I should write to them giving them the information on the letter and request the cheque. They will then acknowledge the request but warn that there will be a delay in actually sending the cash, because of the large number of letters they have to deal with. This wouldn't be because they are trebling their work load, would it?!

They did say that if I liked I could take their prefered route of letting them simply knock the sum off the 2007/8 return. In otherwords I could let them keep my money interest free for a year. And they are suprpised they get lots of requests for cheques?

... to Helen's comment

No, I didn't eat all 8 creme eggs. I would have done but I know that other people would think me greedy and that some things in life are best done in private. More embarassingly, I managed to let one roll out of my handbag on the way to the airport and then squished it underfoot all over her car. These creme egg cars actually exist by the way. There are several parked at the Cadbury's museum in Birmingham

And no I don't understand the giving away of a stash either. I think it's fair to say that rather than being a Quilter she is a person who made a few quilts but then stayed balanced and unobsessed and was able to stop. ( I don't even want to stop!) A lot of the fabric is from when she was living in the the US and was meant for watercolour quilts that never got made. I took what I could ( after weighing all my clothes on the kitchen scales to determine which where the heaviest I could wear on the flight to create luggage allowance space!) The rest I understand to be going to the Ullapool craft club.

One of the books I got on long term loan is this one. The quilts are indeed very traditional but the text is fantastically useful anyway - particularly for measurements which could be just as useful in a contemporary quilt.


I have been tagged ( first time ever - yeah!) by Nellie Bass Durand for the 7 things you don't know about me meme So:

1. I have an inside leg measurement of 31.5 inches.

2. I love the Eurovision song contest. (For Americans and Antipodeans, you may have been spared this endless, kitch bad song contest, which we have no chance of winning anyway because of the Baltic bloc [sic] vote... but it was the competition Abba won with Waterloo and Cliff Richard came second in with Congratulations) The year it was won by the transexual Israeli (yes, that's right - Israel is not even in Europe) my Gran and I even phoned votes in! Go to this link to see the UK entry for this year- click on 'watch the video' under the UK's heart - so fantastically kitch!! Go! You have to!!Live is even better - they do a mean dance around the plane food trolley. I shall be handsewing and watching it on Saturday night. My husband will be elsewhere in the house banging his head against a wall.

3. My favourite animal is the Emperor penguin. A strange choice for someone who can get cold even when the surrounding temperature is warm. If I get cold like that I get shivering to the bone cold and have to overheat the room and wear squillions of clothes to warm up. My sister is the same.

4. I have peculiar politics - left wing on some issues, very right on others - I kind of meet round the back in my own unique political party. (It's called The Don't Be So Stupid Party.)

5. I once stopped Terry Waite ( former Archbishop of Canterbury's special envoy kidnapped in Lebanon) in the street in Cambridge and asked him for dinner at my house. He came too.

6. I have no idea how to make gravy.

7. A a child I was brought up in a Pentecostal church and from the age of 9 was encouraged to 'speak in tongues' and 'prophesy'. ( I don't go any church now although that is not to say I don't have spiritual beliefs- they are just not identical to what I was brought up with).


Purple Missus said...

Actually Helen you have been 'tagged' before. On my blog, April 29th, I awarded you the Thinking Bloggers Award - you're now supposed to award that to 5 other blogs that 'make you think' I suppose ??
I didn't because I couldn't choose just 5 out of all of them that I read.
Sorry, should have told you. Did you notice a significant increase in your viewing statistics around that time?

Thimbleanna said...

#4 cracked me up! I thought we were just called Centrists (you know, the average between the left wing side and the right wing side of ourselves.) I much prefer the Don't Be So Stupid Party! And since TheManoftheHouse is frequently talking politics (he's obnoxiously one-sided) I think I'll have to try and get some major leverage out of this new party! Most clever of you -- Thanks!!!

Nellie Bass Durand said...

Thanks for "playing". It's nice to know you.

Helen said...

Thanks for replying and the laughs. I love the creme egg car. I once went to sleep with a chocolate almond in my bed. Had to wash the sheets and my nightshirt the next morning. I won't tell you what I thought the little lumps of brown stuff were at first!! (Actually, when I say 'once' I really mean recently, like last week!!)