Sunday, May 06, 2007

Friendship is...

Today I was reminded of the love is series of cartoons. I remember collecting stickers of them as a kid. For some reason the utter nakedness of the characters did not make them taboo in our church going household! I was reminded of them because I was thinking about the definition of friendship - today's I think is:

Friendship is:
*Allowing a person to stay in your beautiful house for four days

* nipping out and leaving them with the comment 'Oh yeah, there are two bin bags of quilting fabric here I am giving away unless you want to take any.'

* and adding 'And you can borrow any of the quilt books in this box.'

* and giving that person a box of 8 creme eggs to eat while she rummages.

Cheers Sharon! (And I am really, really sorry about knocking that tea over your carpet!) .... some people are just not house trained as guests!

PS As for Helen and Frances's comment on yesterday's post - no strawberries, but I've been fed a delicious raspberry tart.


Helen said...

What a great friend you have, but EIGHT creme eggs?? You didn't eat all 8 did you? (you didn't, did you??) If you got chocolate over anything quilty that would worse than the tea on the carpet wouldn't it?

How does a quilter get to have 2 bin bags of quilt fabric to give away? I must be so possessive of my stash. I don't mind people cutting a some off a piece but giving away the last of it? I might need it!!

Nellie Bass Durand said...

There's a "7 Things You Don't Know About Me" meme going around. I was tagged this morning and decided to participate. I just published my 7 DON"Ts and have tagged you. Feel free to ignore it if this isn't your thing.