Friday, May 18, 2007

Pre show frenzy

I didn't get to blog the last two days partly becuase I was busy finishing off this wall hanging - look at the quilt and not at how old fashioned our TV is! (It is perefectly adequate for seeing Mc Dreamy on Grey's Anatomy and until it stops doing that why get anything different?!)

Then last night I got all caught up in pre-Qulits UK stash checking frenzy. I have developed this sequence of events which starts with me getting out my stash baskets and analysing what I will actually need to start the project I have in mind that I have been stashing for. Then I think about the quilts actually in progress. Do I have the right thread colour when I come to quilt? Do I need a backing? This time around and I am also thinking about City and Guilds samples and how it would be a good idea to do all my applique samples in one set of fabrics. I look around my sewing space to see what notions need replenishing. Can you believe I am on my very last needle for my machine! This summer I also have a class with Kaffe Fassett and a summer special class at Morceau based on Ricky Tims' convergence quilts both of which will require specific fabric.

Shows are such a good place to shop, I think becuase of the range of choice and the time to browse and compare. So I make a list of all the things I identified. I set a budget, take it out in cash ( to save me time and vendors the transaction charges) and set off with purpose, un-flustred and organised so that I also have time to enjoy the quilts.

Of course what then happens is that I lose the list, get inspired by the quilts to go of into an entirely different direction, see fabric that it would be stupid to pass over becuase I might never see it again. Then I find Magie Relph's stall and at that point the credit card comes out and all is lost.... except the smile on my face which somehow seems to get wider through out the day!

We leave later this afternoon,back on Sunday evening after I have collected my quilt at the end of the show so it might be Monday before I can show you my goodies... hope to see you then.

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Vicki W said...

Love the wall hanging. Like you, I go way overboard at shows - but it's sooo much fun! Also, like you, all of my TVs are old - but so are my eyes!