Saturday, May 12, 2007

Euro outrage and soothing quilting

The camera is now working so I can show you lots today.

First from last week - a scrap quilt. Made entirely with bits from the scrap bag and one bigger ( green) piece from the stash. It needs a label but I am rubbish at giving quilts names. Suggestions please?

A picture of the quilting:

I used the green thinking, ' I wonder where this came from- I don't even remember stashing this piece.' Then, half way through the quilting I realised that I'd bought it to back a silk quilt in progress which is supposed to match another one already backed in this fabric. Ooops!

Having been out on the razzle last night in Penrith ( marketing do for Chambers) I sat on my mother's kitchens stool this morning, groaning until she fed me a bacon buttie. (Normally the cooked stuff is reserved for her B&B guests). I wasn't even drinking - its just old age and inabilty to cope with arriving home at midnight. I mean, that not even that late, is it? Of course it was a bit later when I actually went to sleep as, earlier I'd had time to nip into Penrith for lunch with Mum and took the opportunity to use her library card to take out three quilting books, which she would not let me bring down here for fear she'd get fined. ( Fair do's). I thought I'd have time whilst other people were speaking on our afternoon seminar to read them but it didn't work out that way so I read two when got in. Big mistake.

Before I headed home we had a wander around Penrith market in the cold to try and revive me and I got this fleece for Project Linus quilts. It was being sold as pet blankets, but at £2 for 120 x 85cm per piece I had better plans for it! When I got home I was so tired and so resentful at having to finish up my form portfolio that I sagged off for a couple of hours and knocked up this top to go on one of the fleeces. Railfence is not my favourite pattern but I had to make sonthing with strip piecing for the C&G course so - two stoned birds and all that....

Tomorrow I have to work out how to take this to class in the car without it falling to bits.

And finally.. Yes, I am in a big sulk. Our Eurovision song was worth way more than 7 points from Ireland and 12 from Malta. What were people thinking????


Jennifer said...

"Forest Flames"?
"Leaf Relief"?
"Kikuyu Dream"?

It's lovely, no matter what you decide to call it, and I am in utter awe of (1) the schedule you keep and (2) the things you accomplish!

Papoosue said...

How spooky is that? I also thought of Forest Flames or Forest Fire. And I agree with Jennifer, it is lovely no matter what it gets called!