Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Postives and negatives

1. Clearly this is a negative - watch out for those nasty rotary cutters .

It looked worse when the finger bandage was on - the advantage of having a nurse in your quilting class.

2. Positive - I swapped to new Blogger this morning, disencouraged by the heavy hints from Blogger that my old blog was sadly out of date and encouraged by Brenda's account of having done so with her guild blog. Its easy peasy! (And for now with just minutes to go before I have to leave for work I am ignoring all new features so I don't know if its better or not).

3. Negative - my camera is playing up and is running batteries down at a daily rate if I leave them in so I have to take them out then try to track them down when I want to show you something. Very irritating as it is not that old a camera and certainly not a cheap one.

4. Positive - work is well underway on wall hangings for my newly decorated lounge. I bought a whole load of end of roll dupion silk at £7 per metre and challenged myself to just cut it all up and sew together (no patterns or templates) until it was all done and I had as many 36 x 36 quilts as I could get out of the material. These are the blocks for the first one, hopefuly to be sewn together later today.

5. Negative - My husband says that the European Center of Patchwork near Narbonne is the other end of the country from our planned city break in Paris next summer, far too far away ... and I know he is right but it will be nearer to Paris than it is to here and I want to go...!

6. Postitive - I found a patchwork shop by the Notre Damme to visit. Ha!

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Brenda said...

I visited the European Patchwork Centre when I was in France in May. It was interesting and in a beautiful location. However, I wouldn't fret too much about not getting there.