Friday, December 08, 2006

Blog frustration

It has taken me five days to post the entry below because Blogger has just refused to let me post the photos without which the entry was meaningless. Even now it will only do three out of four. Does anyone else have this problem?

Anyway here is what I can give you from Monday......

I may have been a poor blogger recently but I have been busy. Today my house was transformed into a film studio complete with blinding lights and two cameras no less trained on me as I recorded five seperate programmes for a legal training programme on the internet. ( Anyone sad enough to want to will in the next few days be able to few part of the broadcasts free on in their family law section There are such thrilling programmes as 'seven capital gans tax traps for family lawyers to avoid'... wow!)

I have also remembered how to knit with the patient help of my Mum who taught me in the first place when I was a child./ She rescued this scarf (ably modelled by Solomon our teddy bear) when I started out with twenty stitches and then realised that somehow I had twenty-seven. (Ribbon wool: note - take care not to knit through the yarn). I liked it so much I immediatly started on this one {missing - see above!!} which I will finish tonight whilst vegging out in front of trash TV. I'd love to use this yarn for a jumper but bought it unwrapped and cheap at Harrogate so if anyone recognises it and can tell me where to get it I'd be grateful.

I've also been putting time into my seemingly never ending maple Leaf Quilt. This is the centre of the pieced back - it will have large green leaf borders

and this is the almost done front centre.

I will probably move some of the blocks around before sewing the rows) I though I'd done the maple leaves at the class last week bar two but irritatingly I find I am five short. However, purchase of a mini iron last week is making the job much easier although I now get no exercise -not even that of getting up and down to the ironing board.

I plan to take this one to Bradford to use Chris Marriage's long arm quilter but shs is about to move to a new studio so her site is available for viewing but not purchase at the moment and I won't be able to have a go on her machine until Feb or March. Tonight I plan to get all my books and photos of quilts out and decide what to do next - I need at least two wall hangings for the newly decorated lounge and it seems daft that I haven't yet made a quilt to go on our bed, so despite the temptation of such books as this recently acquired one I must focus!

By the way -can anyone tell me - do I want to change this account to the new blogger or is it just going to give me grief if I swap? Is it any better than the current one if I am not a techno geek?!

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Susan D said...

I couldn't post more than 4 photos last week, it's so annoying.