Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Christmas presents

We are just back from a few days at Sunningdale (my parents B&B just outside of Penrith in the English Lake District. I am very jealous having had a quick look at Brenda and Erica's blogs - both have been dying fabric which requires sunny weather as far as I know - OK they are in Australia but nontheless .... we drove home today mid-afternoon in the dark and lashing rain. (I was going to post a picture of rain from Google images but all they give you are nice warm raindrops on tropical lush leaves - its not like that here!)

Still, I have enough chocolate to survive inside for some days so I'll just stay here by the fire with my Christmas presents which include - from my husband - all the fabric needed to make this quilttop from Kaffe Kassets Kaleidosope of Quilts

Not my usual colours at all ad when you look at them individually they are hideous ( to my eyes) but that's OK because I told him to challenge me and I do like the end result so I obvously am about to learn about colour blending! There seems to be a theme going as I got this book too.

From my Mum this book

and this one from my sister.

(Apt given my last post!)

And from my mother-in-law a large cheque so I can go online now and buy more quilting things. Yeah!!

I was asked by Erica which manufacturers the African Fabrics I posted last time came from. These two have no real marking on the selvage except that close to the selvage in the pattern selvage is the word Homeland which I am guessing may refer to Homeland Mart who seem to import African Fabrcis ( google Homeland fabric and the firm comes up).This one is The Riverbed by Benatex Style 1303and this one has no clue at all.

They all came from so if you emailed them and sent these photos as picture attachements I'm sure you could track thenm down or order online from them. The shop is closed for refurbishments to 14th Jan though.

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Erica said...

Helen, thanks for the information about the fabrics. I will try to track them down.

Yes, we are lucky to have sunshine for our dyeing, but unfortunately that's mostly what we seem to get. Most of the country has been in drought for several years. We get terribly excited when it rains and there is the promise of some later this week.