Monday, December 11, 2006

At last!

At last - the top is finished! I started in September and it seems to have taken for ever.
I had a mini disaster -I had just two outer borders to go when a drama with Victoria Wood I wanted to watch came on ITV. I pinned in the living room and when the adverts came on dashed into the dining room to sew... catching the pinned lower border on the door knob and ripping six one centimeter holes through inner and outer borders. Grr. Had to unpick and add more seams than a wanted but still - I'm pretty pleased with it. Its the biggest I have ever done.

In a few spare moments tonight I also started to play with possible blocks for a silk wall hanging for the lounge.


Anonymous said...

I am making a wall hanging that requires a three inch sleeve attatched to the back for hanging. I have done a finished 3 inch sleeve and have sewn it on but if I had to put a piece of wood through this sleeve it wouldnt happen. Am I doing this right or do I need more than 3 inch finished to make it right. As you are a quilter like myself I am hoping you can answer my question. This piece is suposed to be finished for Christmas (I hope) Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous colors in this quilt!