Sunday, December 31, 2006

City and Guilds - Texture 1

I realised yesterday that I had failed to keep up with my intention to blog about my City and Guilds Course and consequentially have skipped over the colur module completely! I will return to it. At the moment we are doing texture and have been told to do it on the theme of texture at the seashore or in the sky. Which inspired me dragging my poor husband to a freezing beach in the rain. (In my defence it was not raining when we left)

Formby point is our nearest decent beach and is only 40 min drive away but we never ever go there. It is also a National Trust red squirrel reserve - there is a forest leading up to dunes before the beach. We didn't get to see any this time but we had a bracing walk!

Here are just a few of the photos I took of texture-y things. I now have to work out how they inspire me. ( Not very much at the moment!)

(oil I think - yuk in terms of the environment but lovely marbelling effect!)

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