Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Piecing Frangipania

Have been quiet for a while due to a trip up to Cumbria for the Morceau quilting class followed by a trip down to London to teach. I had some time before my train today and dragged my case to the cool(ish) basement of Waterstones University branch for a Massimmo Mango Frascato and a browse at some quilting books. Not much in stock that caught my eye except one on fusing fabrics with a soldering iron which appeals to me but will horrify Dennis who knows my pyromaniacal tendancies. ( In my defence I have never gone further than burning paper serviettes in the candle flame in restaurants but I still frighten him!)

However, setting off to Euston I was halted in my tracks by a book cover in the window which I thought had fantastic batik type colours and gave me a sudden jolting insight into how to combine such fabrics. It looked like this:

I had to go back and find the novel. I read the first couple of pages and instantly wanted it - it is by a Tahitian writer whose prose cadences reminded me of Sandra Cisneros and the opening at least was very funny. However it was on the 3 for 2 promotion but I didn't have time then to find another 2 and it grieved me so much to buy a book and not get the discount that I put it back. I regret it now but it will be bought very shortly.

Instead on the train I read this book

which shows you how to use a myriad of tiny templates evolved from straightline drawings in turn evolved from tracings of photgraphs to create intricate landscape quilts. Have to try this sometime soon! Probably with a scene of Khayelistisha township with Table Mountain in the background which I saw whilst watching U Carmen e Khayelitsha and knew I wanted to quilt but hadn't a clue how. Not saying I can now but at least I know where to start.

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