Monday, July 03, 2006

A good day

Today I got an un-expected letter from Inland Revenue Customs and Excise, which is not a name you really want to see on an envelope when you already have the quarterly letter containing your blank VAT return form and are pretty sure your tax bill is not yet due. But when I opened it it was a letter telling me that becuase my accountant was smart enough (unbenown to me) to file my employer PAYE return on line rather than on a paper form I was entitled to a £250 tax free, Vat free cheque! And ... if he does it again next year, I get £150. Which is not bad when my total PAYE bill is £660 a year. Of course I could be churlish and point out that Gordon Brown has taken far more from me in stealth tax than he doth give.... but that would take time up and I don't have time becuase, if you will excuse my short blog, I have to go to Amazon and spend my windfall on one of the few product that doesn't incur tax these days!

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