Sunday, July 02, 2006

On being away

It seems that blogging is like exercise - once you miss a day the whole routine goes to pot. However, I have the excuse that I have been travelling. I went to see my friend Sharon in Scotland and stayed in this B&B by Loch Broom

The weather was not good which meant I got to snap this double rainbow just as I was leaving:

Then I flew to London and flew back in the same day haing spoken at a conference for an hour, then the next day we went to my parents B&B ( for the weekend taking in a quilting class and Sedbergh which is setting itself up as a book town and is thus, for a tiny place, stocked with many second hand ones of which the best by far is Westwood Books ( which sadly as yet has no website) so here is a picture of my second favourite a shop combining textiles with books - a general stock as well as ones on quilting ( suprise suprise) and general sewing and embroidery. It rejoices in the name of The Sleepy Elephant.

Then I went to London again, this time, for two full days and managed to sneak in an evening in Waterstones and a Thames cruise before coming home to sew together a large pile of blue and white triangles Sharon kindly let me cut out at her house and to start a great new book Londonstani .

So I hope you can forgive my blog absence!

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