Monday, July 17, 2006

Tivoli quilt

I might have been absent from blogging whilst I was away in Leeds but at least I was being productive. I finally finished my completely handpieced and quilted girls quilt this week called Tivoli on account of having been pieced mainly on flights to and from Copenhagen and whilst sheltering from rain when we were there. It is meant to be a Project Linus quilt but whether I can part with it just yet....! The quilting is done with large butterflies over the surface to match one of the fabrics. I knw a lot about property developing as a result of this quilt as I was busy watching what I call 'hotel TV' whilst I was sitting on a cushion on the floor of my Novotel room ( the better to get some light on the quilt - why do hotels insist of having tiny low wattage blubs around the rooms but no central light on the ceiling?)

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