Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Big box of pleasures

Today, at eight am exactly the postman called with with a box for me. Now this is photo heavy but I thought you'd want to know exactly what was in there. And why The card explains the why.

Excuse the casual photo compositions. I was a little happy snappy with the ipad. You understand I am sure.
So lets just concentrate on the what. A good book to read. Just because we like reading.


Then some gifts from fellow Twelve members that I would have got in November last year, had I not been a partypooper and failed to attend the meet up at Houston. But they forgave me and sent the gifts via California anyway. So they are a bit late. So what? I'd linger in California too.

First a little piece from Kristen La Flamme.


Then one from Deborah Boschert. You can see the programme from Houston peeking out from behind it.

There was also a beautiful soft handdyed silkscarf from Gerrie Congdon but I seem to have forgotten to photo that. Probably because it went straight around my neck.

Next out came a silk pen I bought myself but Diane assisted me to get shipped from Dharma trading which is near her. Or much nearer her than it is me anyway.

This is what Susan Shie uses for the handwriting on her quilts and I have been considering one for a while. I was galvanised into purchase by (a) liking the effect my handwriting had on my map quilts and (b) Susan being generous to send me a lovely permissive and supportive email when I asked her if she thought I was copying her. I am looking forward to playing with this sometime soon. Maybe when I am playing with the techniques from this DVD

Then, at the bottom, for she knows how to build up suspense, lay a box in a box...

And inside the box...

A caramel Finchley A5 filofax, now discontinued and sourced by my great friend from Florida, with not inconsiderable difficulty and frustration as a rather extravagent gift.

Oh. And the box, for customs purposes said 'art supplies'. True. She also sent me printing and collography materials!




Diane Perin Hock said...

I am a bad friend for holding onto those items for so long (sorry, and sorry to Kristin, Deborah and Gerrie) but I am a good friend for sending the other things, yes? I know you will enjoy them. I will wait with baited breath to find out how you will assign the caramel finchley filofax. And I DO wish that you were here or I were there!

Linda said...

Wow - definitely worth waiting for. I'm glad that you contacted Susie - her 'permission' will make a huge difference to you.

Karen Rips said...

What a good friend Diane is. I loved that DVD by the way.