Tuesday, June 26, 2012

My studio life

One of my favourite blogs is Lisa Call's and so I am pleased to follow her suggestion that I answer the same questions as she did in this post. She is going to collate all the responses on her blog on 28th June which should provide a fun blog/ studio tour. For some reason Blogsy is rejecting my attempts to post phots of the studio although it will do the ones below. Go figure. But there are plenty of photos here of the studio

Is your studio at home or a separate space?

It is a big loft conversion so has the advantage of being withing the house ( no going out in the rain) but I can be as messy as I like without affecting the calm of the living spaces.

How big is your studio? I think it is about 24 feet by 25 feet but some of that space at the very edges is limited by the sloping ceilings which come down to short knee walls. One quadrant is a full height rectangular dormer window with good head height thought and one quadrant is a full and rather luxurious bathroom.

Typically, how many hours a day do you work in the studio? How many days a week?

I aIm to do at least two a day during the week. Weekend days vary. My current aim is to try to do about sixty hours a month overall. By having the odd long studio day I can usually beat that but it does require me to prioritise. I try for daily but am happy to ditch the studio for days out or away or if I am just tired. I can make time up and its only a goal!! But I do find it useful and satisfying to set goals. My next post will show you a little more about my system for that.

Do you watch television while you work?

Do you listen to music while you work?

If I am up there before work I put BBC Radio 2 on for the Chris Evans show.I use an Itouch on a docking station. I want an expensive AirZepplin docking station which has A- Mazing sound. I have a £30 dock from Tescos. Later in the day I may stick the ipod on but I need to get some new music. I get tired of the same stuff. That said I like to play SouthAfrican gospel music whenmaking African quilts. They go better if I dance as I sew. I do also listen to Audio books via Audible and sometimes stuff on BBC Iplayer. Yesterday I replyed the five fifteen minute essay broadcasts by Albie Sachs, a former ANC activist who is now a member of the South African Consitutional Court. My current audio book is the Unlikely Pilgramage of Harold Fry. I currently have a subscription to Love Film for the sole purpose of catching up on the three series of Grey's Anatomy I missed when It went to a sattelite channel and that also allows me to stream films as well as gorging on Patrick Dempsey.

So I have also watched some light chick flicks I can listen to more than watch. For that I use the ipad and move it around as I move around the studio.

Do you answer the telephone while you are in your studio?

Depends who it is. I always answer the intercom ring because that is my husband telling me dinner is ready. I always answer to my Mum Dad and sister. I never answer if the caller ID shows it is for my husband or an unknown number. I will always answer SKYPE because that's probably Diane Perin Hock from the Twelve by Twelve group who is always welcome to share studio time with me. We swivel the cameras to do show tell and critque. I would break a neck to get to the phone if I thought for one minute it would be..

How often do you take breaks?

I find about two hours at a go is my average natural limit without at least a ten minute tea break. but sometimes I fall down the well and its longer.

Do you have any over-use issues with your hands or any other body parts?

I have solved the back problems by building ( well, Ok, nagging the builder to build) a worksurface at a good eronomic height for my back. Being a tall person cutting on desks and dining room tables use do cripple my lower back. Now all I have to watch for is fatigue in my hands when I hand sew too much but most of my work is by machine for that reason. Arthtritis runs in the family and both my Granny and my Mum are now limited in how long they can knit and crochet for so I know to take care. last week I had a big trial at work and had to work unually late. Having taken notes of evidence by hand from 9.30 to 7.45 with only half an hour for lunch and a couple of ten minute breaks I found for days after My hand and wrist was crampy and sore. i clearly needed to see a doctor.

If so, how do you manage them or compensate?

Rest. On the sofa, with Greys Anatomy.

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