Monday, May 28, 2012


So, you saw the studio all nice and sort of as tidy as it is between working projects. And it seems to have caused angst amongst some people with less tidy studios. So. Time to fess up. I started a new quilt yesterday and this is exacty how I left the studio when I walked out of it last night. Feel better?!
PS The three pairs of scissors and the rotary cutter and ruler are under there somewhere!



Gerrie said...

Your image seems to have a problem - I am getting the cracked image icon. I really want to see what you call a mess!

Helen Conway said...

Thanks Gerrie,
All fixed now.

Gerrie said...

LOL - I am alwayts losing scissors and rotary cutter.

Anonymous said...


If you find an extra pair of scissors they are probably mine!

Your work and my work are world's apart, but the mess is familiar!

Judy B

Feather on a Wire said...

I am sorry, you don't know the meaning of mess! Come over to my place mid project and see what mess really can be. I take it to a whole new level.