Sunday, August 07, 2011

Missing in Action

Having had over a week off work now there should have been ample time to blog but somehow... I blame it all on Diane and her family who have arrived from California and are forcing me to have a good time gadding about the country finding quintesessntial things for them to see. Seeing as my breakfast of boiled eggs in an egg cup with toast soldiers was the first thing they found exciting this quest has not been hard. And I confess that after doing it innocently once or twice, but then seeing the reaction, we might have been deliberately constructing sentences that commence, "Go past the castle and turn right...".

First we went to stay with my parents in the Lake District where we took in a ceramics fair at Hutton in the Forest.

I particularly like the work by Pollie and Gary Uttley whose glazed pottery is inspired by Indian Textiles.

More on that in a later post. Afterwards we went to Carlisle to wish my now nonogenarian Granny a Happy Birthday.

 I felt it incumbent on me to check out the saftey of her new scooter before letting her loose on it. Really, it should have go-faster stripes down the side of it.

From the Lakes we went to York. While we were there it was my birthday and as the day started at a cracking 27 degrees my husband was telling me that it didn't always rain on my birthday. Huh. It so does always rain on my birthday!

Fortunately this downpour came just as we sat down for afternoon tea.  Let it rain, let it rain, let it rain....

Now we are home hanging out, eating mexican food and trading ipad apps with each other and preparing for Festival of Quilts. More later.


sandra wyman said...

Oh yes, the joys of being more English than usual when Americans are around - so much innocent fun to be had!

See you later this week! Are you going to the SAQA get-together?

custom essays said...

good rest :)

Working Mum said...

I'm guessing that was Betty's you took them to - perfect for afternoon tea! Did you indulge in a Fat Rascal?

Kristin L said...

It looks like you two are having a fabulous time. It is so wonderful that 12x12 has spawned not one, but several sub-groups of girlfriends!

Kathleen said...

Hi, At the risk of sounding ignorant (lol), What's a luddite? Love your quilts by the way.