Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Building a Studio - 6 - starting to take shape!

Would you like to come up my stairs and see what is going on? Come on then.

Bill the builder has disappeared off to Tenerife. This means that in fact lots of work has been done this week as his two employees have bene left to labour without interference.  So its starting to take shape.  At the top of the stairs ( still awaiting bannisters) you turn back on yourself and into what will be my library area with  bookshelves built to fit both the tall walls and the dwarf wall under the eaves which is high enough tfor tow bookcase shelves. This area is  3.5 m (11 feet 5 inches) by 2.4 m ( 7 ft 10 inches)  Imagine a nice arm chair and a foot stool here then walk past it into the studio proper....

The gable end you see here will house my design wall with shelves underneath along the floor

 This right hand segment which is over the front of the house will house an admin desk ( where the blue tool box is) and my sewing desk running out at 90 degrees to the gable wall - roughly where the bin bag is and shelves on the walls. Oh and floor sockets for the sewing desk
 This left hand side houses my window seat which has a dvided top so  both sides lift up for storage not least of my wadding roll. This side also will have shelves and a cutting/ pressing table with a bar stool.

The main studio area is  I think from memory  21 feet or so by 12 feet five inches ( 6.5 x 3.8 metres). The other quarter of the loft next to the stairs is a bathroom. There will be a bespoke window above the door

 The bath will be tiled in. It is double ended and there are recessed lights right above each end. Perfect for reading in the bath! The alcove will have shelves.
A wall hung toilet will be installed. As will a magazine rack right next to it!!

 and all along the wall will be cupboards.

Some days Charlie the calf gets so tired just from looking up at the dormer and watching the work that he needs a lie down.


Wendy said...

What a wonderful view you will have, I might find that too soothing and relaxing and spend all day daydreaming instead of working :)

Christine said...

A studio with its own luxury bathroom - well, now you're just making us all really jealous! It look wonderful already - looking forward to seeing it finished - but not as much as you are, I'm sure!

Carol Esch said...

Your room is VERY similar to the room I want to convert totally to quilt I am anxious to see your layout.......I will be watching to see how you set this up........thanks!

Kristin L said...

Looking great!

Cassy said...

Looks nice. Thanks for the tour of your new studio. Looking forward for some updates when it's done.

Cassy from Rock Guitar Lessons

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Nice post! Thanks.

Judy said...


Wow! You are going to have a super work space there.