Friday, August 26, 2011

It's in the genes

This is my Crazy Daisy china cupboard. Not a full dining set because you can have too much of a good thing, but just enough for me to have pretty breakfasts or afternoon tea with. But now there is only one of the big plates. They have to stand up because they are fractionally too wide to lie flat. Since the kitchen went in they have been just fine but a couple of weeks ago one slipped and shattered as it hit the surface below leaving several tiny gouges in the worktop. I confess that my first thought was whether I could attach the resultant shards on a quilt. Because you know how I like to use things in unexpected ways.
The second thought was that the blemishes on my new kitchen were going to drive me mad. The third thought was that Dennis was not going to be happy when I bought a new worktop

Tonight my Dad who is staying and is happily prowling the house looking for things to with his tool box came into the kitchen and said "Show me these gouges then". I went to do so and they were no longer there ( but Dad was looking like the proverbial cat in cream).
"How did you do that?" I asked incredulously
He shrugged . "Just put in a bit of woodfiller. But it dried a bit light so I tinted it with your watercolour pencils."


Diane Perin Hock said...

Brilliant! Your dad is a genius and I'm sure this has made you think that you NEED to get back to that shop to get more.

Joyce said...

... but that is why you should have had quartz - hard as granite but more dependable appearance.

PS Did not get chance to speak to you but loved the foq display.

essays said...

your kitchen better than my kitchen))

Working Mum said...

Love Dads! They can fix anything, can't they?

Now, go to John Lewis on-line and order another plate!