Sunday, August 28, 2011

New blog on the block.

I am pleased to annouce a new blog which Diane Hock and I hope you will enjoy reading.
It is entitled Tea and Talk for Two: A creative conversation across two continents.

We recently spent time together in the same country and enjoyed just hanging out in coffee shop (preferably attached to pencil shops) and discussing creative matters. It was in one such coffee shop when were lamenting our imminent separation that we came up with the idea of continuing the conversation via a blog and letting you eavesdrop.

It will not be a subsitute for our individual blogs and will not be about our non- creative daily lives but is about us considering the creative process. We aim for one post each a week. We are very partial to listening to the conversations at other tables so if you have something to say about our topics why not add a comment and we may well incorporate that in to our chat. There are several posts up already so now is the idea time to come on over and sit with us before there is too much back reading to do!


sandra wyman said...

Enjoyed the dialogue and it set me thinking... but the link doesn't work (it seems to think it's a page in From Down the Well rather than a separate blog) either here or on the Twelve by Twelve blog.

Don't know if you've read this book but Twyla Tharp's The Creative Habit is an interesting read - your comments about ritual made me think of it. Don't normally have much truck with self-help books but this is one I find useful and I keep coming back to it.

MulticoloredPieces said...

Just stopped by from the Art Quilt Web Ring and I'm enjoying your blog while trying to beat the heat here in Tunisia. The "lost" iPod interview was great and I appreciate the fact that you go beyond "eye candy" and provide some social commentary through your art. Bravo!
best, nadia

Ruth said...

Hi Helen,
I just tried to post a comment on your new T42 blog. It doesn't allow you to post with a name/URL so I couldn't. It would be good if that was allowed - otherwise you won't be getting any participation from me there.
A pet hate of mine I'm afraid - I refuse to be forced into joining 100s of groups on the web.
Liked the idea of the conversation though and have already book marked it. Look forward to eavesdropping some more :-)

Helen Conway said...

OK. A self taught lesson in the Bloggsy Ipad app later I think the link works and the comments are open to everyone even if you want to remain anonymous. ( But if you do that we can't come and read your blog as thanks for reading yours!

resume writers said...

Liked the idea of the conversation though and have already book marked it.