Thursday, October 29, 2009

More Colours of Africa Challenge

Three final little quilts for the Colours of Africa Challenge. I have to stop now because I am off travelling but you have plenty of time, the deadline being December 1st.

This first one is the first quit my Mum, Marcia Conway has ever made and it is all her design. These two are mine. (The second one is the truer colour - not sure what happened with the first photo!)


Gerrie said...

I love your Mum's quilt. Hooray for her. Tell her I did not start quilting until I was 60!

Diane said...

Ooh! Tell your mum I LOVE her quilt and am very impressed-- quite a remarkable first effort. And Helen, I ADORE your pieces, that second one especially. It's phenomenal. Have good travels -- can't wait to meet you!