Saturday, October 03, 2009

Mass cutting box production

OK, I am back from studio touring with three things to say:

First: I have wasted, ahem, spent all weekend touring studios and I have saved some for tomorrow. And the good news is that, so far, with the possible exception of a very cute shed at the bottom of vintage rock chick's garden, I like mine the best.* All my envy has gone. Of course it will return when I see this month's magazine with the really dressed up studios. But until then I have decided that the stair climbing is chocolate offset and all I need is a bit more art on my one available wall. So will you all please go and put something fabulous and blue and cheap in your Etsy shops?

Secondly: On a real studio tour I would have come back with a pile of business cards. As it is I got Google Reader subscriptions out of it. Check out my three additions to Google Reader: I like that this is in both English and German - it gives me a chance to keep my German up to scratch. - creativity coaching : well I'm not going to be turning that down! - the funniest blog I have read. Ever, I think. You have to check this one out. (by Royal edict).

Thirdly it seems that you all love my cutting box. There has been suggestions that I sell it and people would scrimp to pay for it. Well, look, I appreciate the thought but to market it would involve patents and sourcing a factory in China that didn't actually employ child labour, which none of them do of course .(I have to add that because I am still waiting for the return of my Chinese visa and maybe they are reading. Hi Chinese Visa People - I promise to be good in Shanghai!) Then I'd have to market it and that would involve standing in one stall at shows instead of shopping at them all. Twice. Does that sound like fun to you?

No thought not. So here is how to get your own cutting box. You find a person with tools who knows how to use them. (Note: I am thinking more Black and Decker here, less Ann Summers). Dads, fathers in law, local odd job people, carpenters for hire. All are good. Print off the photos I had on my last post. Measure how high off the table you want yours and what size of mat you want on it/ rulers you want in it ( which is the same as saying how big is the table you are putting it one?). Then get them to copy it. Raw materials for mine cost abour £40 I think. Dad was free. In fact, he may have paid me for the excuse it gave him to go play in his garage with power tools.

Then, when my career implodes ( becuase I was imprisoned in Shanghai by the Police for being funny about them. Or attempting to be funny about them.) and I am reduced to sitting outside the Knit and Stitch show with a Starbucks cup and a mangy dog, please put a coin or two in my begging cup. Or I will take beads, and perle thread if you prefer.

I shall be going dark for the next week until after Knit and Stitch as I shall be working away. So that gives you plenty of time to enter my giveaway which at the moment seems suprisingly unpopular.

* I take it back. Lisa Walton has just joined the tour a day late. I want her place. Ah well, at least I get to visit it soon.


Quilt Pixie said...

isn't it great to see so many people's work space and find out you're rather satisfied with your own! :-) I'm sure everyone's works well for them, and I did glean a few ideas, but like you I'm in no hurry to trade! :-)

Garnered Stitches said...

After seeing some of the studios I 'm off to reorganise mine yet again. As I am now working in it, in stead of having it for the pleasure of shutting myself away for some piece and quiet, it requires a change around to accommodate different needs.

best wishes

Thistle Cove Farm said...

I like your studio too but still like mine best -smile-. Isn't it great when we can visit studios around the world and see what inspires others and how they get creative in their own space? Just love it!