Thursday, October 29, 2009

Four sleeps to go...

... or three if we measure from going to the local airport hotel not our first international flight. So we are into the packing stage. Or, at least the choosing what to take stage. This is my tentative art kit for three months in which I intend to keep a visual journal/ design inspiration book/ scrapbook/ call it what you will book as a diary/ resource book for future textile work. I imagine working in it quickly as we spend days out and more slowly in the evenings/ on planes etc. Is there anything you think I should add? Anything I should take out?

It contains:

2 A4 Moleskin sketchbooks. (My Best Quilting Buddy saved me the agony of choosing a sketchbook I would have put myself through by getting these for my birthday. They fit perfectly into Dennis' man bag. )

Plastic tube of paintbrushes*

Selection of Derwent Inktense (watersoluble) pencils in one pencil case

Set of Koh-I-Noor water colours. Smaller (very handbag sized) set of Windsor and Newton Watercolours my Mum bought me to travel with.
2 sets of Koh-I-Noor water based dyes for pages washes etc

I small container for water

3 small metallic crayons

Glue stick and small roll of sellotape

Plastic ruler

Craft Knife and corner of old cutting board 6" x 9"

Pencil case containing selection of sketching pencils, pencil sharpener, three metallic pens and putty eraser.

Second pencil case containing 4 sepia pens ( different width nibs) half a dozen black sketching pens a china marker and two charcoal pencils

I would like to take my tin of neocolour crayons but I fear they weigh too much.

* I actually have two of these because I bought one specially to travel and put all my brushes in it then lost it. I tried the three time-tested ways of finding it:

1. Ask Pam our cleaner to find it. This was the first time ever she has failed at that task.

2. Rip the house apart. Nada.

3. Buy a new set. Yup. Found the old one today - in the drawer where I keep it but in my defence it was wedged right at the back in the couple of inches which does not pull past the sides of the drawers so it was hidden.


Christine Thresh said...

"Buy a new set." Yes, that is the best way of finding lost items.
Have a wonderful journey.

June Calender said...

What wonderful decisions to be making. Of course, you'll find what you need during your travels if you don't take something. Have a really wonderful time, I'm going through many shades of envy-green.

Joyce said...

Bon voyage!

Susan D said...

Hope you both have a great time on your travels.

Laura Jane said...


I approve of the shoebox size-limit. But don't forget to just enjoy and take it all in with Denis.

I sometimes wonder if my desire to photograph and blog everything (fallen down very badly of late)meant I wasn't always fully present with my dear hubby. But he was very tolerant of my wandering into fabric/textile places and I do have a lovely smallish and precious stash of travel collected things.


ANNA said...

Great art sets! Where are you off to for three months - lucky you?? better than being home sick with the swine flu like me!!

Garnered Stitches said...

And don't forget, if you haven't got it, be creative. Rub the paper with petals to colour the pages or give the paper a soil wash etc then you'll have a bit of each place in your book!

Margeeth said...

You probably already know this, but you have to have one ziplock bag, in the right size (not too big, a friend of mine had to buy a smaller one at B'ham airport because hers was half an inch too big...) in which you have to put all your liquid stuff, meaning paints and cosmetics, shampoo and so on.

Di said...

Have a wonderful trip Helen. Wou;d love to be going back to Hong Kong. Maybe year after next.