Friday, October 02, 2009

Brenda : ace web designer

Thank you all those who sent compliments on my new website HelenConwayDesign.

In fact, whilst the content and most of the design decisions are mine, the fact that it looks the way it does and does the things that it does is due to the assistance of Brenda Gael Smith. She valiently learned all about using the Squarespace service just for me but brought to that task a wealth of experience in designing textile artists' websites. Without her, my site would not look on the screen the way it did in my head. Despite the fact that we live about as far away from each other in the world as it is possible to get, the working partnership worked a treat thanks to email and the fact that Brenda (unlike me) can work out time zones.

Brenda is available to do you a site too and can be contacted here.

The sites which she has designed are all worth visiting for the owner's content as well as giving you an idea of the style of Brenda's work. These sites include:

My Place Quilts Sue Dennis Textile Artist

You can read a bit more about how setting up my site worked at my new BY DESIGN journal if you have not already been there.

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