Monday, June 09, 2008

Wet studio

Ok, that's a bit of a grand name but it has been the new falling-to-sleep dream since I completed the design of my 'dry' quilting studio. (You know the one in the 40ft, double height, converted barn with the arched floor to ceiling windows overlooking the stream and the minstrels gallery lined with books and bolts). Now, if I am to progress with techniques that involve paint and dye, I need a wet studio.

I am aways off that yet but on Sunday we cleared out our garage and I at least have a corner now. Ugly, but dedicated to making a mess! No before photos becuase frankly the public health people would be round - lets just say you couldn't walk into the garage before, and many, many spiders died in the service of my dyeing space.

Here it is.

On the left you can see the two parts of my portable design board propped up between freezer and spare fridge. The a card table with storage under for dyeing buckets. A dead cheap pasteboard table from B&Q covered with plastic and more ( empty as yet) storage boxes underneath. Then a clapped out bookcase holidng my meagre supply of dyes, paints brushes , spoons , stirrers etc. Finally an even more clapped out bureau. the drawers house my plastic cups, shibori resist tools ( sounds good - it means clothes pegs and elastic bands), more plastic sheets and painting clothes. The drop down top gives anpther surface to play on and houses my stamps. ( Garden furniture and tools etc are off photo to the left)


Quilt Pixie said...

wonderful to have a dedicated space! Will you have running water (even if its just a hose stretched in while working) or will you need to move for rinsing?

floribunda said...

exciting! I just did my first bit of dyeing yesterday (watch for a blog post...) and there was a lot of toting buckets up and down stairs from the garden to the utility sink in the basement. If I could clear a space in the basement (ahem!) it would certainly be easier. Can't wait to see what you make with all this new space to play in!