Sunday, June 15, 2008

Busy Bee weekend

Most weekends my Mum rings and asks me what I am doing. When I reply,'Quilting', she says, 'Oh, what a suprise!' So why does she ask?! Anyway this weekend was no different. Here is what I did.

I took an ugly piece of fabric I had previously made by wiping up dye and, umm, painted it again to make it not a lot less ugly. I need to be reading some how-to instructions. I am not a natural with paint this is clear.

I quilted the whole 71 x 71 batik log cabin quilt - you can just about see the freeform feather design on this photo. I thought I'd chosen thread that would really stand out but not so really, even thought it was 30 weight.

Then I made the covers for another journal. The twigs get tied on when I put in the pages but I haven't made those yet on account of being very sluggish today, on account of being a dirty stop out in Manchester last night. The leaf is made out of those free samples of leather Marks and Spencer put out in their furniture department. This fabric was supposed to be the outside but I accidentally fused it to the wrong side ( The top cover has a hinge thing and if I turned it round the trees would be upside down. ) I am too old to be a dirty stop out!

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Sue B said...

I think the fabric looks great and the journal cover is wonderful :)