Sunday, June 29, 2008


I seem to have sleeping sickness. Yes, it exists. It is called trypanosomiasis. (One of the few facts from A level geography that stuck!). You get it by swimming in lakes with dodgy organisms that go in through your skin. I think. Only I haven't been doing that, so, when I awoke from my three hour sofa nap ( which encompassed the TV concert we had been going to watch together) to find my husband looking at me with raised eyebrows I had to think of a quick story.

(In a questioning voice:) Little green men came down and took my essence, leaving my body behind and now I have returned but I am radioactive?

Him: Radiopassive more like.

Oh, you put one of his comments on the blog and now he is playing to the crowd!

I have no excuse for slothfulness. Its not even like I have not been getting exercise. My bike has been in the garage hidden behind piles of stuff for years which is daft becuase I really like cycling. Only I forgot the number of the combination lock and getting some bolt cuters was always on tommorrow's to do list. My honest- as- the-day- is-long brother in law came round yesterday, took one look and a claw hammer and, in three seconds flat had liberated my bike. Which left me decided that (a) I am not going to be heeding ny sisters plea not to tease Mark for originating from a high crime area for a while and (b) there was not much point to the lock in the first place.

I went for a ride and found myself turning left onto a cycle path and mingling with a cycle group coming arcross my way. I was inordinately pleased that even in my depleted state and on my first ride for years I beat them all to the end of the path. Ok, so, some of them were aged four, but still!

Not much productivity to show then except the block above which I made for a Birthday month swap I found hosted by kate on It was my second attempt. Look what I did with the frst one - how did I not notice that befroe I sewed it all together?!

The swap is that I make a block each month as requested by the other participants and post them off and in January I get lots of my choice blocks- African appliques. Can't wait! (Wake me up when it happens will you?)


sophie said...

I love your New York Beauty block and know Joy will, too.

Gina said...

Sometimes you are more tired than you realise and your body decides it's going to sleep whether you like it or not.
Last week all I did was sleep and I missed all the footie matches on the tv that I wanted to watch.
I feel alot better after it though.

Love and hugs Gina xxx

Kay said...

A beautiful block!