Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Book and paper links

I am having a (temporary I am sure) break from fabric to obsess over paper and books. Well, no, not really - I put fabric pages around each signature of paper pages in my latest journal today:

However, I have discovered a few things I thought you might like links to. In no particular order:
Pick and mix paper and car boxes from PaperMill shop - I visited the shop at the factory today wher I saw the paper being made and came away with 4 boxes and three sets of alphabet stamps ( sale - 99p each!)

Sheets of paper with seeds embedded so you can plant them after they have been used

Sheep poo paper

Blood on paper. Not as yucky as it sounds ( although I had a near miss with a bookmakers awl last night!) This is an exhibition of artist books at the V&A museum in London. Links give you a video, and pictures if you can't make it in person and this list of links to artist book pages.
Also interviews and ohter rescources- more than I have had time to explore!

A collection of minature book bindings which I get to go to at the John Rylands library in Manchester on Saturday. The catalogue from a previous exhibit of this collection retails for 475 on Amazon but is available online here.

A paper related bookshop from paper sellers - paper making, sketchbooks, travel, book arts etc.

Online classes in making studio journals and mixed media techniques for journals


Shelina said...

Your journals are beautiful. I am going to avoid going to any of your links though, because I really don't need to start yet another hobby. I have been meaning to make some journal covers though. I think I can do that without starting a whole new hobby.

Garnered Stitches said...

Have you got a new hobby, Helen? OR have learnt a new skill to add to your abilities as a Textile Artist? The latter is what I tell DH when he questions the new equipment being found a space in the work room!
best wishes

Fran├žoise said...

Thanks for the great links!
Your journals look great.

Jennifer said...

I've long felt that there are real, meaningful connections between paper and the paper arts and fabric/fabric arts. I love your explorations and discoveries---

Deborah said...

Stop stop stop...

You're feeding my desire for paper and I just don't have the time at the moment.

Must. Resist.