Tuesday, April 17, 2007

What was I saying? (Written in Bath on 13/4/07)

I think my brain has been foundation pieced – it certainly seems like it has lots of perforation holes in at the moment. This all happened within 24 hours when I was in Bath:

I left my loyalty card at Midsomer Quilting. Then I realised that I had lost my quilting journal which is a hard back notebook with all my sketched designs in, swatches, records of spending, list of books to put on my birthday list, notes from classes, entry forms and even the official label for my entry to Malvern and entry tickets for the show. I was going nuts until I traced it to Woods Stationery store.

I had gone in to buy isometic graph paper designing a quilt a la Kitty Pippen and also these plastic folders which are such a good storage ideas for cut quilt top pieces.

I had realised that the journal was one which the assistant might think I was buying, so I put it down on a ledge by the counter, told her that it was already mine so she didn’t think I was stealing it, paid for my goods and then…. walked out without it. I mean, I was talking about it just 10 seconds before I forgot it!!

Then I went to do some other shopping and realised when I was back at the flat that I was minus the Marks and Spencers chilled food I had bought for our (good quality but still very lazy) tea. That I left at the checkout at Waitrose supermarket when I called in for some of their unrivalled pain rustica. That was embarrassing when I had to phone them to ask them to put it in their chiller until I could get back for it. Plus, when I first tried to ring, I could not find my mobile phone. Fortunately ten minutes or so into the frantic search (cushions tossed off the sofa, handbag upended on the floor…) Dennis, who had gone to Bristol for the day, sent me a text and I heard my fat quarter bag beeping….

There are two theories. There is mine. (Bear in mind I am a natural hypochondriac who has just finished a very good book about a brain surgeon’s daily work life called Life in the Frontal Lobe) I think I have a tumour ( benign, but very rare and medically interesting, of course) pressing on the part of the frontal lobe which controls short term memory ( and also controls the urge to buy fabric and shoes and books for which there is really no need).

And then there is Den’s. He says I just have a head too full of quilts to concentrate properly. That’s his explanation for the forgetfulness. He doesn’t know that there is an issue with shoes/ fabric and books for which he needs an explanation…. Oh damn, I forgot – he reads this. See what I mean…?


Thimbleanna said...

Well, if you head must be full of something, you can't go wrong with quilts!

Helen said...

Well if you have a benign, rare and medially interesting brain tumor causing all this quilt-itus then I must have 3!!

Purple Missus said...

Just so long as you never forget to keep updating this blog. One that I always make a point of reading. Your way with words is remarkable. A very good read!

Jennifer said...

Sounds as though you were simply and truly on vacation -- how delightful! Perhaps it didn't seem delightful when you needed to retrace steps and solve the mysteries, but it does sound as though you just totally relaxed and lived in the moment. I think men operate in this mode permanently but they have us minding them to make sure they stay on course ....