Saturday, April 21, 2007

Quick visit..

A quick pictureles post today as I am rushing off for dinner with friends. Today I went with a friend to the AGM of a local quiting group. I was invited through my C&G group and whilst everytime I read about people belonging to a group I yearn for the company and community feel, I was doubtful that I would go. Firstly because the freind who wanted me to go told me that the group was mostly old ladies. Secondly for fear of overcomitting myself. But I went because it was a nice day and the drive to the country location is a good one but more so to support my friend who was going to join but didn't want to go to her first meeting alone. She said I could go and just listen. So I went and I listened for about five minutes and then volunteered to be secretary. Which kind of means I have to join!!!

In fact all of my C&G class joined en mass and 3 of us are now on the commttee so we bring the average age down considerably. The other ladies are very welcoming and delighted to have new blood ( at least to our faces!!) so I am very happy to finally belong to a Guild albeit one which only meets for 2 hours once a month ... now I think I can manage that!!

PS There is nothing at all wrong with being a lady of a certain age, its just that I was looking to make friends of my own generation... thought I ought to clear that up!


Helen said...

They will really be delighted and not just to your face! I have found that quilty ladies are genuine people, even those of us of a 'certain age'

PS what is the cut off point for NOT being of a certain age? (grin)

Diana said...

Guilds are such fun! It's so nice to feel a part of a community. The older, er...more experienced ladies are probably happy to have some new members.

Purple Missus said...

I think you'll find Helen that as you get older that 'certain age' goalpost moves along further with you. :)