Sunday, May 27, 2012

Carmelite wall

Everyday I drive past a wall behind which a sequestered order of nuns live. I always wonder what their life must be like.

I am equally fascinated by the wall which changes as it goes around. It has many different shadings and striations. I could not resist getting the camera out much to the bemusement of the local dog walkers.

 It is begging out to be used as quilt inspiration. But I am not feeling ready to do it just yet so if anyone else wants to use these photos feel free. There are more where they came from and if you want a full set let me know and I will put them in a variable Dropbox folder.


Sandy said...

This looks like the type of inspiration which could work using one of Kathy Loomis' techniques.
Sandy in Bracknell

paul said...

You can see about the Carmelite Nuns in this DVD:

Anonymous said...

These wall images would make great thermofax screens for printing on fabric - another way of using the wall imagery.