Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Teaching technology

Dennis is on a Charles Dickens kick. He has read two biographies of him, has declared that he is going to read all his novels in the next twelve months, went to see Simon Callow perform two of his plays last week and today decided that he really did need John Foresters biography as well. Which is the official one, is reprinted in three volumes and costs over £65. Or, if you buy it on Kindle £2.82. There is, I think a point at which every staunch 'I prefer a book over the evils of Kindle' person reaches their conversion point. Dennis just reached his.

So I began to teach him how to download his book. Twenty seconds later, it downloads. All 900 pages. He is very impressed and has a read of the first few pages to get used to turning pages on the Kindle. So then I show him how to download it from archived items on the Kindle app on the ipad. ( Because someday I might not be such a nice patient wife and I might reclaim my Kindle just when he wants to know what Dickens had for tea the day he finished Little Dorrit.) Of course the Ipad version opens at the place he was at on the actual Kindle. His eyes grow wide.
" So it knows what page I am on?"
" Yup."
He looks at the Kindle and looks at the ipad with renewed respect and then says,
"So, these Kindle and Ipad things. They are female then?"


sandra wyman said...

So the man not only has taste but good judgement as well. Has he discovered that he can get the entire works of Dickens free on kindle?

Vicki W said...

lol! I love Dickens and reading them all together is a great idea. Maybe I will tackle that next audiobook for for me though.

Christine said...

A man after my own heart - I'm also on a read-all-of-Dickens marathon (starting my Books To Read Before I Die list)- just mid Dombey & Son also on kindle, what a difference it makes with books that long, especially on planes!

Linda said...

I do like a man that catches on .....