Monday, October 03, 2011

Caught on film!

We are in Bath at the moment and a visit to Bath means a visit to the wonderful Mr B's Emporium of Reading Delights. Well, thats not quite true. It means several visits, first to pop in and say hello and just enjoy the fact that we are close again, then various visits to buy. We joke that once we have popped in and Mr B knows we are there he and his staff will begin to plant books that are to our tastes that we swear were not there the day we first went. He and his staff talk knowledgably and enthusiastically about books so you can't help but add a few to your pile.

But today their tactics in getting me to buy was unparalleled .... They filmed me reading for the National BBC News!! Here is proof I was on the TV.

Of course I had to buy the book I was reading when I was on national TV. Which was the Victoria Finlay book Colour by the way. We can only blame the excitement for the others that ended up in our bag. And this was not even a buying visit!! Poor Dennis was also filmed but was cut in the editing stages.

By the way, if you are starting to think about Christmas presents for readers you might want to consider a Reading Year gift ... Who would not want to receive eleven packages like this a year?


Brenda said...

Victoria Finlay's Colour is fascinating, although a bit academic at times. That, and the others, should keep you going for a few days.

PS: my verification word is flumbked. I don't think it is a word, but it should be.

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Rachel said...

That's the second time today I've read about the Emporium of Reading Delights. I have got to get to Bath!

jill said...

Funnily enough I watched the news clip & thought it looked like you!

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