Monday, October 31, 2011

Almost there now!!

You will excuse me not blogging last weekend but I was busy decorating my studio. It's nearly ready!!! It needs a little more paint and stain and some cabinetry building and some furniture ordering and some cushions ordering but only the paint and stain will stop me beginning to move in and thats a matter of days now. Yipee!!! I am so excited. Photos of the moved into studio will follow in due course.

And now for the shameful confession. I have never done any decorating. Ever. Bar painting a bit of furniture. Mostly because if you casually say to my Dad ," I'm thinking that the dining room might need decorating soon" his usual response is ," I can't get down to do it until Tuesday". He loves it. And all my life I have been under the impression that he had special super-skills and that he clearly changed into his decorating pants in a phonebox. And due to my failure to ever decorate in my life I think my parents thought that my practical abilties were such that I'd struggle to work out how to open the door of a phonebox.

But here's the thing. Decorating is fun. Lots of fun. And cutting in is not some high precision engineering task. It's painting in a straight line with a brush. I did I think seventeen or so hours at the weekend and didnt want to stop. Turns out its like dyeing fabric. Start with boring, add colour, get pretty. What's not to love?

So tell me, what else have I been missing out on? This splitting the atom stuff... Just like unpicking a seam, right?


Erica Spinks said...

I enjoy the instant gratification of painting walls. What's not to love?

sandra wyman said...

Be warned - unlike dyeing it does pall after a while (or is that because I have high ceilings and had to remove woodchip?) Though I agree with Erica - once you get to the transforming bit it's brilliant!

Feather on a Wire said...

It's wonderful to paint rooms, quilters like huge transformations and painting does this quickly.
Wallpapering is even faster, and a bigger transformation though I can't say I love the papers and 'feature' walls so beloved by the home decorating shows.

Chris said...

Ha! I had the same experience last year. Started to paint one room, ended up doing the whole house. It turns out that I love painting ceilings - they're both a physical and mental challenge.

The confidence I gained leaked over to my fiber art. I have been painting fabric and canvases and burbling with excitement each time I do it.

Rayna said...

LOL - I've always loved it -- until I got too old to have the strength. Now I pay somebody to do it, but there is something very pleasant and satisfying about doing it yourself. Glad you are having fun!

And yes - unpicking a seam is very Zen. Not so much, unpicking the bad stitching on a quilt. I just ignore it.