Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Quiltfest 2011

On Sunday Dennis and I drove to Llangollen. I went to meet up with Magie Relph, to divest myself of money in exchange for more of her African baskets, to discuss future kits and to see the quilts at Quiltfest. Dennis went so that he could drive and I would not kill myself or other road users when I fell asleep most of the way back home. I was ill last year and missed the show, which, because of renovations to the usual venue was split betwene three buildings. that arrangement was retained this year and personally I found it a great shame.

The first display was in the Pavillion where the famous Eisteddfod takes place and where the traders were. I don't wish to disparage the quilts of others but the fact that I have no photos to show you perhaps itself illustrated best what I thought of the quality of that show. We then had to trapse in cold rain to the museum where some very good quilts based on the theme of trees were displayed in an upstairs gallery. It was very hard to stand back from the quilts and see how the details played from further away.

From there we had to go another half mile or so in more cold rain to Plas Newyd where an excellent exhibition was displayed in a very small space with some quilts almost at ground level because of the shape of the room. As you can see it got very crowded and I did feel that the artists were not given the opportunity to show their work off to the best effect. It was hard to stand and really take in the work because you felt that you had to move aside quickly for others to see.

I thought the premise of this exhibition was fascinating though. they quilts came in pairs. One was made entirely by an individual. The other was collaborative being started to the same inspiration source by the same individual then passed through the hands of three others before being finished by the originator. The 'intervening' members often did rather drastic things to the part work they received but on the whole it worked very well. I was interested to note that it was often not apparent before I read the accompanying notes which was the individual piece and which the group one.

As I bought a photography permit I can show you an example set with the explanation and artist credits: Posting these information sheets was a great addition to the display.

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