Saturday, February 19, 2011

Journal Quilt

This year I signed up for the Journal quilt project run by the Contemporary Quilt group  which is part of the UK Quilters Guild. It started this month and the first four 10 inch square quilts must contain a circle. This is my first one:

Despite my experience of working with square quilt in the Twelve by Twelve project and despite very careful measuring it measures 9 3/4 inches square. Sigh. I don't suppose anyone will shoot me for it.  The wonky botton edge is far more to do with my cropping on Photoshop skills than my quiting skills. (And my lasziness in not correcting it). I wanted to experiment with some surface design. the copper is Jaquard paint, the sliver is a metal leaf which has actually dried a little scrubby - I shall probably give it a second coat.  The greens are Inktense pencils.

Talking fof Twelve by Twelve - my copies of our book arrived yesterday:

I understand that and Barnes and Nobel are shipping it already in the States. are still on pre-order ... but why not place an order now so you get a nice suprise like I did?

Dennis was excited to see that he got a credit for the photography he did for the book.

PS Did you notice our kitchen walls have been painted now? Thanks Mum and Dad :) I think I spent about £35 on tester pots trying to find the sage colour that was already in my head. No luck. In the end we mixed, on an easy 1:1 ratio, the two Farrow and Ball paints we used in the dining room and sun lounge- exactly what I wanted.


June Calender said...

All those metalics in your journal quilt, AND a Chinese coin -- all with a wobbly bottom, still it looks simple and elegant. Great when spouses get some credits! I'll keep an eye out for the book although I'm already familiar with the quilts.

Margeeth said...

Yesterday I ordered a copy of the book through bookdepository and it said on the site that it would be released after 70 days. Today they sent me an email that the book has been released and that it's on its way. Odd.

Rayna said...

Yes, I got my book the same day as Gerrie got her author's copies. I am loving it.