Saturday, April 10, 2010

News Round up

I fell off the blog log again didn't I?
Quick round up.
We went to Bath for a week. I may have brought some shopping home.

We put the house up for sale and we have got four viewers this week.

Sadly we then found out that a close friend of mine and his wife had lost their 24 years old son suddenly in tracic circumstances. So all time this week went to this comfort quilt which, after this terrible photo was quickly snapped, was delievered today. It has the initials of the four members of the the family ( including the son) in the hearts.

Tomorrow, Trentham Quilt Show.

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Margeeth said...

I am really sorry to hear about your friends son.

Good luck with the selling of your house, I hope the viewers will be buyers. We have just about sold our house (all paperwork has been done, transfer of ownership is planned april 29th) after it being on sale for nine months, which means nine months of keeping it really neat and tidy (which, for a quilter, is next to impossible).