Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Internet - the good the bad and the bad

The good first: tonight I got a comment on my blog from 'Working Mum' - a new reader and a suggestion that I go to her blog  Working Mum on the Verge to work out who she is. So of course I did and it is one of my best friends from school with whom I had lost touch. I don't normally read Mummy blogs, not being a Mummy, but this one is good (because she is a working Mum with a life and not a potty obsessed drone) and if you are looking for a fresh addition to your reading list you might want to check her out. Of course I started at the beginning and am up to Dec 2008 but I am assuming she maintains quality!

The second, the bad. I am househunting. a house we about to view has house particulars that specify several times Karndean flooring. I have no idea what that is so I google. Then I think. Hmm, I wonder if I bought that house and I converted the garage to a studio would I want the same flooring and how much would it be. So I peruse the website. Jazzy. Lots of squares of colours and samples. But you have to see them so I think I'll find my nearest retailer. Not that I am counting all the eggs that are in one basket and have not hatched yet because they are locked in a stable which the horse has bolted ( or whatever the appropriate phrase is) but you know, advanced information is always useful.

So I click on' find your nearest retailer'. But I cannot search by town only postcode. I do not know the postcode of the house I do not own. So I make some up that sound about right for the nearest big town where I know the starts of the postcodes until one works. I am invited to to fill in the compulsory fields of choosing a property on that address and my name and email before they will tell me where I can buy their stuff. Do they want to make me likley to go to a shop and buy their product or do they just want to waste my time and annoy me?

On the assessment that the only logical conclusion is the latter, I figured that what is good sauce for the goose can be poured all over the heads of pesky gander. So, just in case, may I sincerely apologise for any inconvenience caused in the event that there is actually some one called Jumping Jimmy Jones at St. Pauls Cathedral school in Blackburn with the email And I still don't know what the stuff costs.

The third: bad. I got online to quickly check emails at 7pm and five mins later it is 23.16. How did that happen?


Margeeth said...

"because she is a working Mum with a life and not a potty obsessed drone"

Ouch, that is a snide remark for all mothers with small children. The problem is that small children tend to turn their mothers into a potty obsessed drones and just take over their lives, whether they do extra work outside the home or not (when you have small children you work all the time inside or outside the home and you are tired all the time).
Luckily this is just a phase, if you do the work and pay attention when your children are todlers, they turn into little people who become part of your live and enrich it.
Of course, my children have not reached puberty yet, I am quite curious to see how I think about this then....

PS I like your friends blog, she writes really amusing.

Working Mum said...

Aha! So you have been to my blog!! Thank you for the lovey write up. Hope you are enjoying catching up with my bizarre life.

I think you'll find SAHMs are very touchy about comments like "potty obsessed drone". I have managed to escape to work since daughter was small so I'm touchy about comments like "lets other people bring her child up". Basically, you can't win!

Oh, and I've had Karndean flooring. It was hailed as a fantastic, wonderful, must have floor covering but I didn't like it. Looked like lino pretending to be wood to me, so when we moved to this house I refused to have it and chose wooden flooring instead. Does that help?

Rachel said...

The phase "sauce for the good is gander for the other" gets rolled out in this household.. Can you identify the source?