Sunday, September 07, 2008

Harrogate Show

Just back from the Great Northern Quilt show. After much debate and assistance from passers- by these fabrics were chosen to finish my hideous fruit and veg quilt ( the plum matching the figs and being for the backing). (Being photographed under artificial lounge lights tonight neither of these photos are quite as vibrant as in real life but you get the idea. The plain strip is a teal.)

Interestingly one of those passers by was also choosing fruit and veg fabric but had teamed with a very pale sage mottled fabric and in her hands those uglies (or at least the less bright ones like onions, garlic and figs) became extremely tasteful and matched her Sanderson like flowered wall paper perfectly. Less of the sugar snaps was definitely more. I quietly and humbly bought some of the sage for the scraps!

Next month I also get to go 'down south' to the wonderful Midsomer Quilting to do a making waves class with Brenda Smith. Lesley and I spent some time spreading this Ricky Tims handdye all over Hannah's Room's booth and added these batiks ready for class. I don't need anywhere near as many but there's nothing wrong with keeping my options open is there?!

On the way home we stopped for Yorkshire health food.
(Yes, that is gravy. I cannot eat fish and chips without it).

Now off to pack to go to London tomnorrow. I was planning to visit the medically influenced Wellcome gallery ( its the only one that stays open long enought after work for me to pop in for the last 45 mins) with a view to sketching opportunities. Last time I went they had a show of textiles inspired by molecular patterns. Only I see their temporary exhibition this time is of skeletons undug from London's cemetaries. Ah. Stand by for a quilt inspired by the shape of smallpox indentations in a skull!

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keryn said...

I think your fruit'n'veg quilt is exuberant and lively and the recipient will like it much more than a subdued version.

Interesting insight into Yorkshire health food; here in Australia we only do chips'n'gravy with chicken, and mushy peas with pies. Probably your colder weather allows you to mix and match your side-dishes without the food critics minding.