Thursday, November 09, 2006

Food processing

The food processor I ordered from Amazon came today. I've managed without one perfectly well for years but got sick of reading recipies that came to the instruction ' your food processor...' and decided I was missing out. Now I'm not so sure. I have a Kenwood one that comes with about four squilion attachments and bowl lids, none of which I have any storage space for. After about an hour of trying to put it all together we concluded that the sealant ring and a jar are missing which means I cannot use the liquidiser or shaker jar. Which is irritating but hardly a problem until the spare parts arrive given that I have both a freestanding liqudiser and a shaker jar already. But the main processor works. It didn't like being fed cubes of cheese and rather than grating them kind of rolled them up into tubes which were interesting but not very practical ( We decided the chunks were too small. It is certainly not that the blade is blunt becuase it sliced my thumb very effectively when I rather clumsily removed it. The blade that is not the thumb. It was a plaster job not A&E.) It sliced the one piece of fruit we had in the house well but having sliced it I then was unable to use it to test the centrifugal juicer. And because the fruit was an apple I couldn't test the citrus juicer. All in all it appears to do by way of a motor what I have been doing happily manually with my cheese grater, Nigella Lawson lemon squeezer and a set of knives.

Except - it chopped my onions without making me cry.
And it came with a great recipie for choc chip oat cookies that I was able to make without getting dough stuck in my finger nails.
Which two things alone might well make it worth £80.

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Karen said...

I bought a mini food processor and have found it to be a useful tool for quick chops, purees and grating of foods. I thought that I would use it more but the set up and cleanup sometimes is not worth the trouble!
I love the backpack you did. It does look complicated though. Is it lined too?