Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Playing around

Did some money producing work in Salford County Court today then came home to play....

First, a trial Queen Angel fish for a project Linus quilt ( easy to handpiece whilst at home but not so easy to carry around for piecing in Edinburgh coffee shops next week, as was the plan, because the shapes are all template cut and irregular so I think I'd get confused with a bag of them!).

Then some real play quilting. I just started messing around with the material set out on the table while the dinner was cooking. First result ... well browned garlic bread and tomato and mascarpone sauce spluttered all over the stove. Second result ... the beginning of what could be my first real 'art quilt'. I have a pile (OK, a genuine Tunisian Tagine pot full - it was the nearerst receptical when I needed it!) of scraps of fabrics left from when I made the liberated quilt out of the scraps left from when I made an African bag which was in itself part made from scraps donated by Yvonne Bodicott at Morceau. I thought I'd just frame some of them in log cabin strips but as I messed about making the cabins uneven I thought of shanty towns which made me come back to some images of Khyelitsha when we were there. It seemed to fit to construct a shanty town out of leftover 'building' materials' So I am hoping to get this to look a bit like Khyelitisha at night. This is just an hours worth of playing and bits spread on the carpet so far. (The light in the dining room is not the best for photgraphy so the colours look a bit off.) I am thinking of a Khyelitsha by day to match but I'll have to make some other quilts first to get the scraps for that!

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