Monday, August 07, 2006

Finished (almost) quilts and shopping

The first needs the binding stitching - one of the irritating things about being miles from a sewing or quilting shop is that it will have to wait now until I go off up to Edinburgh festival next week ( via Mandors quilt shop in Glasgow) to get the thread. It's just not worth ordering one off tiny items like that on line. It is however worth ordering other stuff, namely these Fat Quarter bundles from The Fat Quarter Shop - the equivalent of £1.12 per FQ ( usually about £2.50 - £2.75 for you non-quilters/ non-sterling people. Bargain! (As my sister would say.)

Pity I have to wait for the post! I also got a copy of Electric Quilt 5 a few days ago - endless pleasure of electronically designing quilts - far more than I ever have time to sew sadly. Speaking of which ... off to stitch. Bye!

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