Saturday, June 03, 2006

Two into One quilt

With less than 18 hours before the wedding the quilt is finally finished. Its not perfect and if you look at the lines of quilting on the back you can tell very clearly those which were done on the old machine and those done on the new. Still, I learned a lot and I see no reason why if you can have a 'humility block' you can't have a few humilty sticthes too. I've called it Two into One.

And now I can start a new project. My problem at the moment is that I have too many ideas for fancy art quilts (on the plane home for Copenhagen I had a vision of one based on the Union Jack with various gradients of colour and embellishements representing the multi-cultural nature of the UK and another based on a scene from the film U Carmen in Khyaleitsha - which incidentally is a fantastic film: Carmen sung in Xhosa and set in a Cape Town townsip. Unlikley but it works). The trouble is that my ideas are beyond my capacities at present so I am just having fun learning basic techniques as a foundation before starting the City and Guilds in September when hopefully my fingers can develop as fast as my minds has been since I have been looking at so many quilting publications

Once you start looking for inspiration there seem to be ideas all over the place too - like this pattern on a very wet pavement in Copenahgen that caught my eye. Now, how do you get a sheen on fabric like that?

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