Sunday, January 13, 2013

I need a wet studio!!!

Fortunately work has started. The roof work to change a flat roof over garage and porch to a less ugly pitched one comes first before the garage is converted

However, having started it stalled again on Friday with one builder off because he pulled his back the day before ( probably, to be fair because he was working hard in freezing conditions) and the other went home after the tile delivery because his budgie was dying!!

But fabric design waits for no budgie and over on Tea and Talk for Two I have posted photos of the surface design work I did last night in the so called 'dry studio'. I do have a bathroom up there but the sink is made for looking pretty and allowing you to clean your teeth not for washing up inky screens. I have to fill plastic boxes of water, take them to my worksurface and washup in that until the water gets dirtier than the utensils. Then I lug it back and pour it down the toilet.

It works fine despite the midden in which I end up when I am in in a creative maelstrom. Or usually it does...

I was in the studio until the early hours yesterday so I was prettty tired for the final pouring away. Which is the excuse I gave when I confessed to Dennis that I saw, a tad too late, a plastic tablespoon vanishing down the Ubend! I am a bit worried as the plumbing in the loft only just has the required fallaway degree to make a macerator unit not necessary but I have flushed a lot and all seems to be well.

But the sooner I get my steel double sink and spray tap fitted the better!



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