Sunday, March 25, 2012

Still no photos..

I am trying hard to solve my ipad blogging problems. I tried to explain the technical work arounds to Dennis who stared at me and said, "So there's all that carry on or you could pay £3". Put like that.... So I got my credit card out did the deal and was told it could take up to twenty four hours to upgrade the Google storage. Then the credit card company anti- fraud department started to text demandng that I ring them immediately. Despite the fraud department being based in India thay seem to have a problem wih me using this card on line for anything overseas.

So I rang. I told them that I knew that the Google payment had triggered this. I went politely through the usual rigmarole of confirming everything from my next door neighbours cats name to my sisters haircolour to confirm my identity and confirmed that yes it was me who bought shampoo in Boots and clothes from Spirit of the Andes and, yes, yes, yes it was me who was trying to spend all of £3 on Google. He said he was authorising that payment now. I was polite if formal throughout. My response may have been a little curt when he asked if there was anything else he could help me with today. What did he mean anything else? How had he helped in the first place?

And the result? I got home to a message saying that Spirit of The Andes had rung to say my payment had failed. So I did that all over again and now I come to blog and realise... The Google payment has not gone through either. Grrrrrr.

I did find a free app called Photopad which easily resizes photos to the size at which they are not supposed to count for your Picassa Slbum storage. App works fine. Blogsy still will not attach them. I give up for tonight.


Erica Spinks said...

Sometimes the "old" way of storing photos on your own PC and uploading them to blogs is still the best way. You can probably tell I don't do clouds. :-)

Deborah Boschert said...

I paid the small google fee a couple of months ago. I think it was $5US. I am very lazy. I do the same thing I always do for uploading photos to my blog. I've been doing it mostly this way for almost seven years. I never resize. It's just too much work. (I said I was lazy.) I just drag and drop and let blogger resize as needed. But I suppose this means my originals take up too much space to fast. Oh well. Seven years isn't really that fast and $5 isn't that much. Sorry it's been a hassle for you. Hang in there.

Working Mum said...

Or you could delete some pictures from your Picasa account (ones you no longer want on your blog) and voila - more space!

Can you tell I'm the "clearer outer" in our house?